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Wargames, Roleplaying, Miniatures, Martial Arts, West Ham Utd resource site.
Welcome to the Shinobi1971 site. Here you will find information about me, my family, my work, plus more interesting things such as my hobbies, likes / dislikes, articles and pictures.
The Virtual Realm of Shinobi. There may be a little on Football, Martial Arts, Computer and PS2 gaming, but most of the site will be focused on role-playing games and tabletop wargames, including my addiction with lead / plastic / resin miniatures.
I am an official Demonstration Team member for Dark Age Games (Dark Age) and Devil Dog Design (Dogs of War). My schedule of demonstration games and events can be found here. I would love to see you at these occasions, and hope that you will enjoy these games as much as I do.

I keep a fairly frequent Weblog / Journal covering my gaming and modelling activities plus interesting happenings in my work and life. Feel free to pop over to the DungeonCrawler website and have a read....... there's nothing personal and private there, so all my secrets are safe.... bwah hah hah (supposed to be Doctor Evil laugh.....!!)

In addition to my Crawler Chronicle on the Dungeon Crawler website which is more related to my Gaming hobby, I have also just started a more general Blog covering this n' that, bits n' pieces about life, the universe and everything. Pop over and have a butchers.....


Feel free to look around, there should be something you like or find interesting. If you have any suggestions or comments, my e-mail address can be found at the "Contact Me" link on the left.
Scott "Shinobi" Kirby

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This is me, just me, nothing special, just plain old me!!


Follow the link below to go to our gaming group's website:

Broken Bayonets Gaming Group


Latest bits 'n' pieces:

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Please get in touch and let me know what you think of this site.